Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Writing Villians...

The antagonist in a story is the one who creates external conflict for the main character. The villian is the one who tosses the hero off the journey he or she was on. This bad guy or gal stops or halts progress but it doesn't always have to be an evil person or an age murderer. 

Some villians simply have the same goal at the hero. Some can cause major havoc for a hero without being evil while others are the evil in the story. 

Villians need to be believable characters...not ones without flaws but certainly not perfect. Villians are human too but maybe the flaws they have are worse. Or add an unusual flaw for her bad guy or gal. 

Villians in stories are often good when readers can measure their own actions against them. We are all human  and as we read we may find we have thoughts similar to a villian or not. But the idea is write a realistic enough Villian that readers cannot put the book down. 

Just like for your hero and heroine, you also need to define your Villians goals, motivations, and their own conflicts. Who are they, what do that want, why do they want it and what is stopping them?

You need to know the deep seated reasons for your villians internal and external conflict. What the bad guys back story and why is he like he is. What makes your villian different from all the rest?

Some houses only want the hero and heroines point of view in a story. Villians may not be allowed a POV anywhere in the story but it may depend on the Genre. So read up about that...what houses want and what they allow. 

Think about how to show your Villain in the story

• How do the Villian and hero know each other? When do they meet in your story?

• Does the Villian spy on your hero or visa versa?

• Hoe does your hero deal with the villian or what the Villian does?

• Do the hero and villian surprise each other at any point in the story?

• Does what the Villian does shatter your heros plans? How?

• How does others in the story view the Villian?

• How does the hero react when things don't go well for the Villian and visa versa?

• Will the hero and villian duel it out for one winner? How?

• Do the hero and villian know each others pasts?

There are many angles to look at on what your hero and heroine do or say related to encountering the Villian or what thr Villian has done. Turn your story all angles so that you get the best effect out of your bad guy.