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Friday, October 30, 2020

Wylder Hearts from Kim Turner and The Wild Rose Press

Wylder Hearts from Kim Turner

Caleb Holt in the man to see for a good horse. Aubuse an animal and he'll teach the lesson that goes with it. When he lands on top of a woman in the midst of a brawl and snags a passionate kiss, he sparks a fire he never expected. But it doesn't take the cowboy long to learn a lesson of his own...sometimes love come with a price. 

Seamstress Laurel Adams is embarrased by Caleb's stolen kiss. Though she is determined to raise her son alone, she wonders at the ease of falling so easily for the handsome horseman. But when the husband who abandoned her returns there is only one choice to make--the one that breaks her heart into tony pieces. 


The businessman bolted forward and swung a fist that made contact with his chin, leaving him off balance and staggering backward. Trying to avoid the crowd that had collected he bobbled and went down, expecting to hit of the ground. But the impact never came. Instead he landed softly to a shrill feminine scream, and the greenest eyes he’d ever beheld.

Time simply froze, the world around him a haze as he found himself mesmerized by the beauty of the woman beneath him. It had been a damn long time since he was in such a position as this.

Unable to move with the crowd about them, he apologized allowing a slight smile to curl his lips, though he knew he should get back to the fight. He reached to tip his hat and realized he’d lost it. The feel of her bosom pressed between them stirred up a thing or two. “Beggin’ your pardon, Ma’am.”

“I’m quite all right.” She pushed to rise, but the crowd surrounding them was thick.

“Actually, I was apologizing for this.” Caleb bent to kiss her, slow and searing, her lips plump and tender, holding him there a moment longer than needed. He held her surprised green-eyed gaze a moment more and then he was back to the fight.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wylder Hearts coming soom from The Wild Rose Press and Kim Turner!

 So excited about the upcoming Wild Rose Press series Wylder West. My story Wylder Hearts will hopefully be out this year! Stay tuned!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Wylder West Series coming soon!

 I am so excited to be a part of the upcoming Wylder West Series with The Wild Rose Press! Here is a sneak peak at the first few covers and what you can can look forward to! This ongoing series will feature multiple authors and you may see the return of characters you have loved along the way! Stay tuned!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Dawson's Haven---Looking Back

It seems like this book has been a long time coming and it has but a lot of things have happened along the way...
Sawyer's Rose was released in March of 2016 and Wyatt's Bounty in April of 2017 and I know some of you have been waiting too long for Dawson's Haven---Book 3 in The McCades of Cheyenne series.

As I was floating through the time that past since the last story in this series was released it took a friend to point out to me all I had completed in between:

1) I edited All But the Fall that I had written in 2016 and got it submitted and contracted and ready for release. Then later worked to completed the version in Audio.
2) Just before that, I did my part of getting Sawyer's Rose and Wyatt's Bounty ready for Audio release. Let me just say if you have not listened to the deep cowboy voice of Dawson McBride, you have missed something. 
3) During that period of time, I also changed jobs after 27 years--not the least but stressful to have a new full time job, kids, a husband, pets and all to go with it.

So as I look back, a lot of time did pass but a lot got done as well. And in Writing Dawson's Haven, I had to work on who Haven was and her back story--I changed her 3 times until I found the girl that was right for Dawson. 

And as Dawson is wrongly accused of crimes, I tossed in an 1880's trial---one of the most difficult things I ever have tried to write. NEVER AGAIN! 

But I found a new tool that helped---WORD NARRATOR--a function of word that reads the story out loud. With much effort and an incredible amount of help from my editor, I was able to cut 8000 words to clean up this story and I will have to say it is one of my better efforts! I am proud of this one. 

And Dawson is the brother who hangs with the Cheyenne, not so much the blacksheep as the Alpha brother who wants to make sure those he loves are protected. Sigh...

But as I was developing Dawson's Story, I wanted to give him one readers wanted. So many of you had already pegged him as your favorite and I had to do my research on the Cheyenne and the years the story takes place. 

What I didn't expect in this story was for Leaning Bear, the Cheyenne Medicine Man who is Dawson's friend, to become as big a part of the story as he did---and given theat, I fell for him too. I have told some of you, Leaning Bear may get his own happily ever after coming up next. PAINT THE SKY is in the works now. 

No worries though, Evan, the youngest McCade brother already has a completely mapped out story that will tie it all together. (Later) 

And on that note, I have a plan for Dodge's story, Zane's Story and even possibly Hudson's Story. I JUST NEED MORE TIME TO WRITE....Yeah, that!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dawson's Haven Coming January 13, 2020!!!

Dawson's Haven

She leaned against his shoulder studying the stone. “What just happened between us?”

How was he to answer a question like that? Hell, he was more unnerved by what hadn’t happened, and the tightness of his buckskin trousers had relented little.

He glanced across the meadow, his mind racing but his heart sure. “What would you want it to be?”

The pink blush across her face hadn’t abated. “The beginning of something very beautiful.”

He gave a slight chuckle. “If you knew my thoughts, you’d run faster than you did from those Dog Soldiers.”

She took his hand again. “I have no fear of you, Dawson McCade.”

He stood with a smile, tugging her up beside him. “You should.”

Coming Soon from Kim Turner and The Wild Rose Press...

Jan. 13, 2020!