Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wyatt's Bounty coming in 2017!!!!!

Bounty hunter Wyatt McCade is taking down outlaws one at a time. He’s been in love with Tess Sullivan for years, but she refuses to give in to her feelings. Reeling from the rejection of his marriage proposal, he chases bounties with little concern for his own safety. When word reaches him that Tess never left for Boston, he rides for Cheyenne to confront her. Instead, he is ambushed and left for dead.

Doctor Tess Sullivan shattered her heart by refusing Wyatt McCade’s marriage proposal and making the biggest mistake of her life, by holding onto a secret. Pining for his return, she blames herself when he arrives in Cheyenne near death. Forgiveness comes quickly in his arms, but she finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of revenge.

When McCade lands are threatened, Tess is caught in the balance. On the bounty hunt of his life, Wyatt will risk everything to rescue the woman he loves.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Critique Corral...

Six (Company of Sinners MC #2)   by Lissa Jay
This book blew me away the sex scenes between Chloe and Six were so hot they nearly melted my kindle!! The book goes back to the start of what was happening between the two rival biker gangs. I love Six's caring side which was hard for such a tough guy to show. I thought Chloe would never come around to falling for him and that nearly drove me crazy. But I do love a good story where they have to fight for their love and this book did not disappoint me. Lissa Jay has created a great series and I can't wait to read what comes next. 5 Stars here! Critique from Clare Roden.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wyatt's Bounty gets Contracted!!!

I found out last Friday that I got the contract for Wyatt's Bounty. I had been worried as most authors are with submitting a new work, but while the hard part is still ahead with edits, I couldn't be happier. I take nothing for granted in the crazy world of writing.

I know you folks who have read Sawyer's Rose are anxiously waiting to read Wyatt's Story and for that I am grateful. The funny thing is several beta and critique partners have said they loved Wyatt's story more than Sawyer's. At first I cringed but then I realized this is probably a good thing.

Again the edits take time and evidently I have my work cut out for me but I am ready to make this story the best it can be. So stayed tuned and I will post the steps until Wyatt hits the trail some time I suppose in 2017. It always seems like a long wait but the lessons I learned with Sawyer's Rose made the story a better on and my hopes are you wont be disappointed once you have Wyatt in your hands.

Wyatt is the second brother in the series: The McCades of Cheyenne and he has a thing for the town's physician, Tess Sullivan.

For those of you wondering...

What happens when a bounty hunter set on revenge has to rescue the woman who walked away?

Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Critique Corral...

Bad Company (Company of Sinners MC #1)
by Lissa Jay

 I don't normally read MC books but I was attracted by the cover and the blurb. I  had a hard time trying to put it down. I loved all the emotions and feelings that the characters made me feel and I shed a tear or two.
I'm not going to go through the plotline of the story as the blurb says it all but I enjoyed this book so much that I will definitely be reading the next book in the series. 5 well deserved stars!!! Critique by Clare Roden.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

From the Chuck Wagon...

Unless the 1880's cowboys were eating with the Chinese working on the Central Pacific Railroad, not sure they would have had a menu of Peanut Butter Chicken over Jasmine Rice. Oh well, too bad for them. Cook up some diced chicken in a teaspoon of olive oil, add two tablespoons of Peanut Butter, 3 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce, A tablespoon of Thai Red Pepper paste and simmer adding in a half of cup of heavy cream and stirring until mixed well. Toss a few chopped green onions on top and put over a plate of rice. Any cowboy would like this!

Monday, June 27, 2016

New Release News Spotlight for Pam Mantovani!!!

I haven't posted a new release in a while so here is a good one to check out. Pam is the president of Georgia Romance Writers and this is her third novel and one I can't wait to read. The buy links are below so take a look on Amazon.

Here is the goods on this story!

Master carpenter Lucas Black will do whatever it takes to prove his son's innocence against a charge of date rape, even hire the woman he lost years ago. But the woman who opens the door to his plea is far removed from the wildly passionate woman he once loved.

Frantic about her grieving daughter's latest rebellion, defense attorney Taylor Adams is determined to turn Lucas away. But Lucas won't take no for an answer, and finally Taylor agrees to help. While Taylor works the case and tries to keep her daughter from becoming involved with his son, she and Lucas regain their previous closeness.

Soon an accident turns the tables, and Taylor has to reveal her most protected secret when she's the one begging Lucas to save her daughter's life.

An author of passionate, emotional romances with heart, Pam loves crafting stories about independent women and men who discover the thrill and joy of falling in love. After years of moving as both an Army Brat and corporate wife, Pam and her craftsman husband settled in Atlanta, close to family and friends. When not writing, Pam enjoys quilting, planting beautiful flowers, home improvement projects and spending time with her wonderful family.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Auburn Public Library Historical Day

I will be speaking about Sawyer's Rose at the Auburn Public Library on June 25th at 2:00pm So those of you in the area need to come out and say hello! I must admit I am a bit nervous as I have never been good at public speaking, but it boils down to wanting to get my story out there! So many of us introverted writers do it anyway. Kind of scary that my name is first, but I will have a few fun things there and of course books for purchase along with fun swag giveaway. Come join the fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

From the Chuck Wagon...

The cowboy decided on a little something different this month This is an easy and quick supper for the hungry little cowgirls that live here too! How about western ground beef tortilla taco boats with cheddar cheese and a relish of cilantro, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes and lime juice--salt, pepper and taco sauce to taste. Not sure they had this back in the 1880's but we'll go with it for now!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fifty things about me...for my 50th.

So on this momentous occasion of turning fifty, I thought I would list fifty things about me some of you might or might no know. In looking at fifty, I only remember saying at about twelve years old that I wanted to be published by the time I was fifty and I made it...just barely. But here goes:
1) I am a Christian.
2) I hate to eat fish, but I like other seafood like crab legs, shrimp and oysters.
3) I played ten years of girls softball, the old high slow pitch. I was a catcher and third baseman.
4) I have water skied, snow skied, roller skated like a champ & busted my rear on ice skates.
5) I have spinnakered on a sail in Can Cun and snorkled off St. Maartin.
6) I am a percussionist. I play drums, xylophone, bells, tympani, tri-toms and a good bit more.
7) I am a certified keelboat sailor and passed the boating and written test with a 97.
8) I spent 5 summer vacations whale-watching off the coast of Gloucester Massachusetts.
9) I have seen the group Alabama at over 400 plus concerts.
10) I gave birth to a 9.25 pound baby girl that more than one physician told me I would never have.
11) I managed the paperwork and travel to bring home a daughter from China.
12) I graduated Nursing school and have a Masters in Adult Learning.
13) I hate to fly.
\14) Clowns scare the hell out of me. Ever read Stephen King's IT? Shhh, don't tell anyone.
15) I have seen a number of  plays over the years: Fiddler on the Roof, Stomp, Grease, Diego.
16) I only write in pencil. I hardly ever write with a pen and I print, no cursive.
17) I do not like coconut anything. And no anchovies please.1
8) I went to the opening ceremonies of the Olympic in Atlanta in 1996.
19) I held a baby tiger once in Can Cun and another time in Myrtle beach.
20) I had my picture made with the African Queen, the boat used in the movie.
21) I pulled all my baby teeth by the time I was ten...no fair. 22)  ICruised to Nova Scotia once.
23) I get motion sick easy, Bonine for all long trips unless I am driving.
24) I Volunteered at ZooAtlanta for over a year.
25) I Saw a Picasso exhibit once and relics from the Titantic.
26) I've Been to Biltmore several times.
27) I hate musicals. Do not break out in song in the middle of my drama.
28) I was born while my father was in Viet Nam. He came home when I was five months old.
29) I have lived in Georgia, Texas and Tennessee.
30) I rode a motor cycle from age 6 until my teen years. My Dad didn't have sons.
31) I Once I played ball for a church team and when we didn't have enough players my mom played. She and I alone were responsible for 30 points.
32) I lived in Nashville only down the street from Dolly Parton before she got to be a big name.
33) When I was first born, my mom worked in my grandmothers daycare and I lived there in a crib.
34) I caught my first bass at age 3. Still love to fish.
35) When I was young I got up before the TV even came on and would sit and watch the static. age 3.
36) I learned to swim at five.
37) I am a total introvert and no I can't just get over it. ISTJ too!
38) I once worked in my grandparent's western store.
39) I worked at my father's Tire company.
40) I worked with the handicapped citizens of Clayton County before I was a nurse.
41) I played flag football in high school.
42) I have milked a cow.
43) I finaled in the Maggies and the Golden Heart. (OR Sawyer's Rose did.)
44) I fear spiders. Not snakes or lizards. Spiders. They know what you are thinking.
45) I was voted helping hands nurse of the year in 2003.
46) I have slept on the balcony of a hotel all night.
47) I have an Olympic Pin collection.
48) I snore...sometimes.
49) I love the beach and the mountains, but what I love best is being on vacation.
50) And...I am fifty.

And there is much more but you might have to wait another 50 to find out.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Release Date for Sawyer's Rose!!!

Sawyer's Rose will be released on March 18th, 2016!!! I will be so excited to finally hold an actual book in my hand! I may be just like Ralphie on A Christmas Story when he gets his "Red Rider BB gun with a compass in the stock" and sleeps with it all night. In fact, I may not put it down for a week!
It's been a heck of a ride getting to this point. I was thinking back to when I first got the idea for this story. I had recently joined Georgia Romance Writers and even though I had completed three stories, I quickly learned I had not written them very well and so I set them aside determined to write a story in that magic little romance box that publishers wanted. And so I thought, I can write a mail-order-bride story. I had just finished reading a bit of history on such brides and I was learning a lot at writing meetings and with critique partners---but I still had a lot to learn.

What I learned first was that I couldn't write the story that would fit right into that box. I had to write the story inside my head and from my heart. That is not saying the story didn't need work. I think I rewrote Sawyer nine times before getting a contract and several more times with editing for publication, but I just knew I had something--and I did. Sawyer's Rose was a finalist in the 2014 Maggie Awards and a 2015 Golden Heart Finalist which is still mind-blowing to me and I do not take any of the ride with Sawyer for granted. After all, when I look at the road behind me, there was a lot of dust kicked up along the way and so my hope is that all the blood, sweat,  and tears means it will be the story a lot of you are waiting on!

(One commenter will win a silver horse bracelet, drawing to be held this Friday night!)

Aug. 2011-Started the book I've meant to write all my life.

May 2012-Completed a three book series in rough draft format, not knowing a thing about how I should be writing.

July 2012-Joined RWA (Romance Writers of America) and GRW (Georgia Romance Writers). The best advice a multi-published friend had for me.

Sept. 2012-Attended GRW: I didn't know I would have to introduce myself...what the heck do I write again? If I hadn't been sitting by Diana, who pushed me forward, I would have passed on this part without anyone knowing. The best thing was that Maggie grabbed me by the arm as I left the front and invited me to Southside Scribes. Seriously, there are people who want to write as bad as I do and they live nearby? Yes!

Sept. 2012- Attended Southside Scribes and discovered my critique partners who have been an invaluable wealth of knowledge. Thanks Maggie, Trish and Cheryl.

Oct. 2012-Attended Moonlight & Magnolias (M&M) GRW conference: I took the only two pitch sessions open...let's just say I was a naive in thinking one editor was as good as the next. It was Tracey who gave me a quick lesson on pitching, but I should have known there was something to the look on my guides face when she lead me to the editor no one else wanted. Six minutes later, I was all too aware that all editors were not the same and this one just about bit my head off, but she still asked for a partial.  I pitched again the next day, thinking I would rather vomit instead, but this editor was much nicer and asked for a partial also. I never sent those partials to either editor as my book was full of all the things new writers must learn...head-hopping, show vs. tell, filtering, not to mention just the regular requirements for what I call, "writing in the romance box". I prefer to think outside that box, thank you very much.

Nov. 2012-Started a new book with intentions of writing inside that darn box after all, but not could use a lot of what I was learning hanging around the Professionals.

Dec. 2012-First draft of SAWYER'S ROSE complete with help from critique partners and beta readers. Thanks to you all!

Jan. 2013-GRW: With less than twelve hours left, I decided to enter then Gin Ellis Critique Workshop....seriously, in less than a day I got the first three chapters of SAWYER'S ROSE ready, complete with writing the dreaded synopsis. Whew!

Mar. 2013-Gin Ellis Critique. I was so scared about the event I thought about not going, but Jennifer was great at explaining the issue in a positive light. I left determined to write even better.

Apr.-June 2013-Worked solely on the first three chapters of SAWYER'S ROSE for submission to the Maggie's. I didn't expect to place, but I got two good critiques.

July 2013-RWA-Nationals in ATL. Pitched three times and found I did much better by not rehearsing a word. I got three requests for partials.

Aug. 2013-First rejection. Bummer.

Sept. 2013-Got my PRO pin from RWA after submitting proof of my first rejection. What other group in the world helps you celebrate a rejection as a positive thing? I 'm loving this!

Oct. 2013-M&M 2013. Almost skipped the pitch coaching session, but found it invaluable with Hilde's coaching advice. Got requests for a full and a partial and again rehearsed nothing. I must be best under pressure when it comes to pitching.

Nov. 2013-Friends set me up and had me called to the front for my PRO pin. For those of you who don't know me, I would rather pull out my fingernails than go up in front for something like that.

Dec. 2013-When I look back, I sigh...it was a busy year full of a lot of firsts, a lot of writing, rewriting and learning. The best parts of it all, the wonderful writers I've met who celebrate the good and bad together. My critique partners who are a wealth of knowledge and support are always there with positive feedback and encouragement. I've reconnected with old friends who have become my beta readers, of which I could not do without. I am amazed that I've conquered my fears long enough to pitch, go up in front of the crowd and send my manuscript off to editors. Most of all, I love how it feels when I am so lost in my writing that it feels like I am right there with my characters. There is also no better compliment than when a reader tells me they loved my story or one of the characters.
Jan. 2014-Planning out this year feels a bit lighter than last year as I think I know more about what I am doing with each item. I will be entering the GIn Ellis Critique with GRW. I want to send out SAWYER'S ROSE anywhere and everywhere once I go through it again. Right now, it is in the best condition of any of my stories. I have joined GRW's most rejections and finish the book pools and I plan to enter the Maggie's in Historical and Contemporary this year. Oh yeah and I just got my second rejection on SAWYER'S ROSE...bummer,  but Sawyer is a good man and like I said he is going places. I also have a request for my newest contemporary story ALL BUT THE FALL when it's ready and this agent is willing to wait until I have it written at it's best. So things are moving along and I do feel good about all I have accomplished so far in this crazy business of writing for publication. Stay tuned...
August 5th, 2014-Got the phone call from Mary at GRW that Sawyer's Rose finaled in the Maggies. This is so what I needed to hear. Spending so much time writing and not really having anything at all happen can take a toll. I had been feeling pretty rock bottom for a few months, but this is a big lift for my ego and frankly I needed it. 
Oct. 11, 2014-Sawyer's Rose gets an honorable mention kind of like 4th place at the Maggie awards. It felt so good all weekend at M&M to be recognized for being one of the finalist although I was really nervous but excited. I was shaking so bad when I got back to my seat that it took me a few minutes before I could even look at the certificate I got! Now I can really start my writing scrapbook and have something wonderful to put in it! Sawyer's Rose has grown on me and it was nice to see it in big print and on the big screen being recognized, so I owe Sawyer a big thanks along with Rose, because they seemed to write their own story while I watched. Such a fun weekend with all my writing friends. It also helps that I sat in the pitch room seeing all the editors and agents I could get to for pitching Sawyer and now I have 7 requests--do I stress now or later about how to handle that many. But I did get them all submitted in one night of intense work.
Jan. 12, 2014-Sawyer's Rose submitted for the RWA Golden heart.
Jan. 13, 2014-The Wild Rose Press contacted me and offered me a contract on Sawyer's Rose. I was at lunch at work when I got the email and I hardly remember the rest of that day. Yes of course!!
Mar. 28, 2014-At work again when my cell phone rang. I knew that this was the Thursday the Golden Heart and Rita's would be calling, only I had never thought I would be the one answering. And so yes, Sawyer's Rose is a Golden Heart Finalist. I stood in my office in tears (happy tears) alone that first moment wondering just how the heck this had happened.
May 2013-Began first edits on Sawyer's Rose and completed in June. Did second round edits and then two galley's and Sawyer's Rose was ready.
July 2015-RWA Rita's and Golden Heart awards in New York City!
January 2015 Sawyer's Rose release date will be March 18, 2016.
And the Journey continues, but this time I am riding off with Wyatt McCade! I hope he can give his brother a run for the money!