Monday, April 25, 2016

Fifty things about me...for my 50th.

So on this momentous occasion of turning fifty, I thought I would list fifty things about me some of you might or might no know. In looking at fifty, I only remember saying at about twelve years old that I wanted to be published by the time I was fifty and I made it...just barely. But here goes:
1) I am a Christian.
2) I hate to eat fish, but I like other seafood like crab legs, shrimp and oysters.
3) I played ten years of girls softball, the old high slow pitch. I was a catcher and third baseman.
4) I have water skied, snow skied, roller skated like a champ & busted my rear on ice skates.
5) I have spinnakered on a sail in Can Cun and snorkled off St. Maartin.
6) I am a percussionist. I play drums, xylophone, bells, tympani, tri-toms and a good bit more.
7) I am a certified keelboat sailor and passed the boating and written test with a 97.
8) I spent 5 summer vacations whale-watching off the coast of Gloucester Massachusetts.
9) I have seen the group Alabama at over 400 plus concerts.
10) I gave birth to a 9.25 pound baby girl that more than one physician told me I would never have.
11) I managed the paperwork and travel to bring home a daughter from China.
12) I graduated Nursing school and have a Masters in Adult Learning.
13) I hate to fly.
\14) Clowns scare the hell out of me. Ever read Stephen King's IT? Shhh, don't tell anyone.
15) I have seen a number of  plays over the years: Fiddler on the Roof, Stomp, Grease, Diego.
16) I only write in pencil. I hardly ever write with a pen and I print, no cursive.
17) I do not like coconut anything. And no anchovies please.1
8) I went to the opening ceremonies of the Olympic in Atlanta in 1996.
19) I held a baby tiger once in Can Cun and another time in Myrtle beach.
20) I had my picture made with the African Queen, the boat used in the movie.
21) I pulled all my baby teeth by the time I was fair. 22)  ICruised to Nova Scotia once.
23) I get motion sick easy, Bonine for all long trips unless I am driving.
24) I Volunteered at ZooAtlanta for over a year.
25) I Saw a Picasso exhibit once and relics from the Titantic.
26) I've Been to Biltmore several times.
27) I hate musicals. Do not break out in song in the middle of my drama.
28) I was born while my father was in Viet Nam. He came home when I was five months old.
29) I have lived in Georgia, Texas and Tennessee.
30) I rode a motor cycle from age 6 until my teen years. My Dad didn't have sons.
31) I Once I played ball for a church team and when we didn't have enough players my mom played. She and I alone were responsible for 30 points.
32) I lived in Nashville only down the street from Dolly Parton before she got to be a big name.
33) When I was first born, my mom worked in my grandmothers daycare and I lived there in a crib.
34) I caught my first bass at age 3. Still love to fish.
35) When I was young I got up before the TV even came on and would sit and watch the static. age 3.
36) I learned to swim at five.
37) I am a total introvert and no I can't just get over it. ISTJ too!
38) I once worked in my grandparent's western store.
39) I worked at my father's Tire company.
40) I worked with the handicapped citizens of Clayton County before I was a nurse.
41) I played flag football in high school.
42) I have milked a cow.
43) I finaled in the Maggies and the Golden Heart. (OR Sawyer's Rose did.)
44) I fear spiders. Not snakes or lizards. Spiders. They know what you are thinking.
45) I was voted helping hands nurse of the year in 2003.
46) I have slept on the balcony of a hotel all night.
47) I have an Olympic Pin collection.
48) I snore...sometimes.
49) I love the beach and the mountains, but what I love best is being on vacation.
50) And...I am fifty.

And there is much more but you might have to wait another 50 to find out.


  1. Wow so many interesting facts I'd be hard pressed to think up 50 for me, but you have done so much exciting stuff over the years. If you wrote a memoir of your life it would be a very thick book indeed! Happy 50th Birthday 💜

  2. How did I not know you lived in TX?!

  3. Thanks for the comments you two! I haven't had a chance to take a look since this posted.