Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The "Chuck" Wagon...recipes from the trail! Meet Chuck!

Thinking on adding cowboy recipes to the blog, the perfect idea hit me. We all know western style foods, not necessarily food from the old west, but items that are fun, cooked over a campfire or in iron skillets or simply down home cooking. Sound fun? The ironic thing is I hate cooking unless it's the weekend, but I do have a husband who loves to cook. So welcome to the perfect idea:
The "Chuck" Wagon-Recipes From The Trail.

First item on the agenda: Not cooking but meeting Chuck who started cooking at the age of three. Seriously, he'd pull up a chair and turn on the stove and take the whipping his mama gave him for doing so. He must have known what he was doing because he cooks so many good things for our family. He also takes pride in preparing meals for our small group at church, who all think the meals Chuck tosses together are simply scrumptious. Really the man will try anything once. Here's a picture of Chuck in Guangzhou, China, enjoying fish head stew--I'm not sure cowboys would enjoy this dish, what do you think? The first recipe from the trail should be up soon, so don't forget to check back soon.
So what are your favorite recipes from the trail???

Saturday, May 24, 2014

More on the last few months.

So to catch you all up since my March post. I have spent since then getting ready to enter two stories in the 2014 unpublished Maggies. You can read about the contest on the Georgia Romance Writers site.
I spent 3 months on getting Sawyers Rose ready and then on a whim and with a month of intense work got All But The Fall ready as well. The deadline was June 10th I believe, but it was nice after almost four months of very intense and hard editing that I got them both submitted a few days apart.
So where to now?
Let's see. I am working on a full edit of both books and hope to do so in the next few months and start submitting them to editors and have them ready to pitch at M&M with GRW in Oct.
It appears I now have some followers to this blog so my goal is to get back here every few weeks now that someone might be reading.  So I appreciate you guys who saw the recent FB post and dropped by. Thanks Sherry for kicking my hind end in gear.
I have a few things I plan to add very soon...so stay tuned. You won't be disappointed!!