Saturday, May 24, 2014

More on the last few months.

So to catch you all up since my March post. I have spent since then getting ready to enter two stories in the 2014 unpublished Maggies. You can read about the contest on the Georgia Romance Writers site.
I spent 3 months on getting Sawyers Rose ready and then on a whim and with a month of intense work got All But The Fall ready as well. The deadline was June 10th I believe, but it was nice after almost four months of very intense and hard editing that I got them both submitted a few days apart.
So where to now?
Let's see. I am working on a full edit of both books and hope to do so in the next few months and start submitting them to editors and have them ready to pitch at M&M with GRW in Oct.
It appears I now have some followers to this blog so my goal is to get back here every few weeks now that someone might be reading.  So I appreciate you guys who saw the recent FB post and dropped by. Thanks Sherry for kicking my hind end in gear.
I have a few things I plan to add very stay tuned. You won't be disappointed!!


  1. I know what a few of those things are you have planned and I can't wait!! Can't wait to see the new & improved Sawyer either :-D

  2. Thanks Maggie, got it on the way to you tonight if all goes as planned.