Sunday, December 10, 2017

Giving Thanks and Remembering the Reason for Christmas and Looking to the New Year

Whew! What a year. Busy in all aspects of my life, I am reminded around the holidays to look at what matters most.

Thanksgiving rode through here fast enough to take my breath and threw me right into December where the real whirlwind usually begins. But I am ready... I have a gift list.

I have, however, figured a few things out about where I am most thankful. As always I am thankful for my family and a healthy year and for friends who are always there and for those who are no longer with us. These things may seem simple but I think they count the most. And, as Christmas approaches, and I enjoy Alabama's new Christmas CD, I have been reminding myself and my girls to think about the real reason for all the gifts and celebration...a Savior born for those who seek Him still. I also want my girls to learn a bit about giving back so I think we may bake some holiday treats for a local nursing home or something they decide on.

As media seems to be taking over all our lives in one way or the other, on Dec. 1,  I started limiting myself on media to recharge the batteries and spend time with family and think about the things I am hopeful for in the new year and the goals I have for my writing journey.

This year was busy with three conferences including Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America, and Moonlight & Magnolias with Georgia Romance Writers. All are fantastic events but I think too many for one year and too expensive leading me to a new strategy in the upcoming year. Events are great and author events are great for networking and learning the craft and business. Reader events can connect you with more readers but not so much if you are not well known. So...

I recently posed the question about what marketing strategies really help authors sell books. There were a lot of varied responses and some good ideas but the one that stood out and was mentioned more than once was:


And so my strategy for the next few years is to do just that-- get back to the story. It takes a lot to plan for and attend events so I may only choose, from now on, to go to one a year and one that is close to home. When I first started writing and had no events I managed to write so much more and it is time to get back to that for now. And so here it all stands:

Sawyer's Rose has continued to sell each month in eBook and print formats and is now available on Audible for those who would enjoy a listen. 

Sawyer's Rose Audiobook on Audible

Wyatt's Bounty is doing well in eBook and print and I am currently working again with the awesome Dawson McBride on the narration of this story as well. So look for it soon!!

Wyatt's Bounty Audiobook on Audible - Coming Soon!

And I have something a little different coming up. I pulled out a contemporary novel I wrote in 2013 and have spent since May making this story better. This one goes something like this:

What happens when horse stuntman meets nurse consultant on the set of a western television series? Stay tuned!

And I continue getting lots of requests for the third story in the McCades of Cheyenne series. Never fear, I continue to work on Dawson's Haven but in order to give you guys the story you want and the story he deserves, it is going to take a little more time. Trust me though... Dawson is the quiet brother who will have a few surprises. 

I will leave it at that for now and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

P.S. If you have read a good book or do in the future, go and leave a review. It really does matter!!!!

-- Kim