Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dawson's Haven Coming January 13, 2020!!!

Dawson's Haven

She leaned against his shoulder studying the stone. “What just happened between us?”

How was he to answer a question like that? Hell, he was more unnerved by what hadn’t happened, and the tightness of his buckskin trousers had relented little.

He glanced across the meadow, his mind racing but his heart sure. “What would you want it to be?”

The pink blush across her face hadn’t abated. “The beginning of something very beautiful.”

He gave a slight chuckle. “If you knew my thoughts, you’d run faster than you did from those Dog Soldiers.”

She took his hand again. “I have no fear of you, Dawson McCade.”

He stood with a smile, tugging her up beside him. “You should.”

Coming Soon from Kim Turner and The Wild Rose Press...

Jan. 13, 2020!