Wednesday, January 30, 2019

All But the Fall...

It had been a long time since a woman had caught

his attention to this extent. Nope, he’d never had

anyone, even Pamela come this close. Something about

the chemistry between them was stronger than he’d

ever known could exist. She was consuming him fast,

and he damn well liked it.

Last night after checking on the horses, Jenna had

driven them to a local diner for supper. The meal had

been fine, but he’d caught himself watching her every

move as if he could etch a bit of her into his mind and

heart. Yep, he had it bad. And watching her drive away

opposite his direction for home had left him all but


The good thing was she hadn’t run again from his

touch, but it was hard to judge where the boundaries

were with her. What he really wanted was no limits—

holy damn, she was beautiful inside and out, and he had

a few ideas about how much he’d like to discover even

more. And while she’d told him of her past, which was

pretty trusting, he had to wonder if there was indeed

more. Someone somewhere had broken this beautiful

creature, and if he had his way, he’d bring her back and

hang on tightly for the rest of his life—if she’d have



She’s running from the past…He’s running to her…

Stunt man Aaron Decker has his hands full raising his daughter, running his ranch and jumping horses for on a western television series. The job pays well enough for to purchase land to build a working ranch for older kids lost in the foster care system—much like he once was. What he doesn’t expect is to fall hard for beautiful nurse consultant, Jenna Wilder.

Putting a violent marriage behind her, Jenna Wilder has taken a job on the set of a western television series. With an infant son to raise on her own, she has no plans to ever trust a man again. So why can’t she get her mind off the soft spoken stuntman with a passion for horses? With Aaron, she begins to dream of a life she thought she would never have. But her past returns with a vengeance.

In a race against time, Aaron must convince Jenna to trust him in—and he will stop at nothing to save the woman who holds his heart.

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