Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Lot of Good Things On The Horizon

Catching up on what is going on with my writing, it looks like there is a lot coming along and a lot to look forward to in 2018.

First, Sawyer’s Rose continues to sell little by little and Wyatt’s Bounty has been out since April and it seems people are already excited about more from the McCade brothers. No fear there as I am currently working on Dawson McCade’s story. The Indian Agent, quiet brother, seems to be a story everyone is anticipating and I promise that this McCade brother takes the cake one being a lover and not a fighter! (Well until he must fight for what is right.)

At the same time, I have pulled out an older contemporary manuscript and tweaked it for a few months now to get it in shape. My hopes are that everyone will love Aaron and Jenna’s story once I have it fine tuned and ready to submit. The gist of this story is: Horse Stuntman meets Nurse Consultant on the set of a western television series. She’s running from her past and he is running to her…but that’s all I can tell you for right now.

And little known news that I am mentioning here for the first time is that The Wild Rose Press has allowed us authors to expend our books into narrated books for Audible. I have been working with the narrator on Sawyer’s Rose and next will be Wyatt’s Bounty. I have to tell you that there is nothing like hearing a narrator read your own story. I sit and listen just shaking my head in amazement that dreams really do come true and I wrote this stuff! Who would have ever thought? So if you are an Audible fan, I am hoping we get these out soon! (If you are unsure of Audible it is an app you download and pay the monthly fee to listen to narrated books. I have been an Audible fan for some years now!)

And I believe I will also have an ad in the WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA magazine coming up in October. Seems I have some folks out west in this day and time reading the stories. Excited about that!

Presently I am gearing up and getting ready to attend Georgia Romance Writers Moonlights and Magnolia’s conference to also attend the Maggie awards. It’s an exciting year given Sherrilyn Kenyon is the Keynote speaker and I have been asked to do her introduction. Excited and a basket of nerves at the same time to say the least! A couple of friends and I will also be presenting a workshop on STORYBOARDING FOR WORLDBUILDING which will help aspiring and established authors plan out there books on a movable board to gain faster planning on book order and mapping. And another exciting moment will be that my husband, Chuck Turner, will be sitting on a panel of Husbands who are going to chat about what it is like to live with an author. There is a book signing at the event that is open to the public so check it out on the Georgia Romance Writer’s website or message me if you need more information.

I am sure a lot of you have noticed that my blog is getting a lot done these days and I owe that all to a friend named Christie who is helping out there, so I have more time to write. Christie has been huge in coming up with ideas ant new things for my blog to stay active and attract readers! If you are reading take a minute to enter your email over to the right so you will get a message any time we post anything new. And click on follow for the blog and when we have a few more contests you just might be a winner! The current winner of a $25 gift card was: Tanja Dancy. Congratulations Tanja! So look for more contests soon and you will win a small package of cowboy goodies from the McCade brothers which will make you the envy of any cowboy reading fan!!

Stay tuned….


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