Friday, December 11, 2015

Sawyer's Rose...

I finally got the final galley of Sawyer's Rose turned in and it looks like I should know a release date sometime in the next few weeks. It will be released in the spring of 2016. It has been a long road to this point. but it's very surreal to think one day in the near future I am going to actually hold this story as a book in my very own hands. When I was about twelve years old, I wrote in a journal that one day by the time I was fifty I wanted to be published--and that birthday is just right around the corner for me. I wonder how that will go, when the first book gets to me and I open the box it came in and can really hold it in my hands. I suspect I will just sit to the floor and begin reading once more. I will then show it off and of course like a kid on Christmas with a new toy, sleep with it cuddled in my arms for the first few nights. Don't laugh, I am being totally serious and I sure hope you guys out there will enjoy reading it as well!!!! Stay tuned!!!

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