Monday, May 7, 2018

Clint Clay keeps pumping out these western stories we all adore!

An exciting new release from Clint Clay that combines two of his biggest hits from 2017!

These are exciting westerns in the style of Robert J. Thomas, WL Cox, and Duane Boehm filled with action, adventure and plot twists such as C. K. Crigger, Chet Cunningham, and Paul L. Thompson! Two westerns filled with crime, corruption and a deadbeat criminal gang to bring to justice!

Bounty Hunter For Hire

What’s a young man going to do when a war ends? One young soldier returning from the Civil War finds himself thrown into a world of danger, corruption and crime as he struggles to reinvent himself. When his neighbors' farm is burned to the ground and all are killed—he finds his new destiny as a Bounty Hunter.

This exciting new action-adventure Western from Clint Clay takes the reader on one man's journey as a boy who went to war—and survived to come home as a man. But will he claim the ultimate reward he wants so badly—a new life?

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

And SherrieLea Morgan returns with her Trinkets series!

a hushed favor

The Lost Trinkets Series Book Four


About the Book


Literature and Fiction: Paranormal Romance, Mystery

Contemporary: Paranormal, Romantic Mystery



Village Publishing, Inc.


eBook Price: $ 1.99 (Amazon)

Paperback: Not available


When you take the next step, hold on tight—the ride could get rough.



BLURB: Shannon Pryce thought that once she left Birmingham, her past would stay behind. Instead, it’s nipping at her heels and tearing holes in her plan to live a quiet, normal life in Petrie’s Crossing.


Things are still hot and spicy with Mitch, but with a tell-all book hitting the shelves—and Mitch ready to take the next step—how long can she stay off the town busybodies’ hot topics list?


Her emotions grow even more tangled when she touches a locket from her late aunt’s box of trinkets. The impression of love and loss is almost too much to bear. Worse, as Shannon’s psychic power grows stronger, the ghost of her twin sister, Stephanie, seems to be growing weaker.


Yet as she pushes herself to discover the locket’s story, her quest to start over with a clean slate doesn’t seem like such a high priority. Not when there’s an injustice to make right…even if it turns her own house of cards into a ton of bricks.





Her ability will help a box of trinkets find their way home to heal broken hearts.


Lost Trinkets, Vol. 1 (Books 1-3): A Psychic Paranormal Series


A Timed Wager

When the gloves come off, the truth comes out…

When Shannon Pryce inherits an antique store in a small town, she discovers a hidden cache of seemingly unrelated objects, each with a mystery to untangle. She resolves to return them to their rightful owners, though even this small, hesitant use of her psychic gift reopens a Pandora’s Box of nightmares.


A Ring of Truth

Sometimes, the ghosts of the past talk back.

Shannon sets out to unravel a heartbreaking mystery in order to return a ring to its rightful owner—hopefully keeping her psychic power a secret. But with a reporter hounding her for an interview, the town gossips could ruin everything: her new shop, her new life…maybe even her new love.


A Secret Escape

When the past is unlocked, no telling what will come out…

When Shannon touches the next object in her late aunt’s box—a brass key—it transmits disturbing impressions of fire, smoke, and pleas for help. Can she dig deep enough to find the key’s rightful owner, and find the strength to confront the ghosts of her own past?