Sunday, September 17, 2023

Time to Write Week 38

Group 1: Edits chapter 18

Group 2: Writing Chapter 38

Group 3: Writing Chapter 18 We are well into the 9th month of writing. It seems long to me at times but it also makes me see where I could have negotiated for more writing time most often with myself. I urge you from here on out, for the remainder of the year to stretch to get more out of your writing time. Make sure you get the chores done and the family prepared. Set up your writing space ahead of time. Put the coffee on for a timer. Use all 60 minutes on the story. Brainstorm with yourself the night before or prior to writing so you get more word count in. Now I know for myself I miss writing days here and there but when I do miss a day I try to make up that hour. And I know on vacations or when we are ill we may not get the writing done. It's OK. But get in the habit of making up for missed hours. It is hard to push for a solid year but I promise if you stick to it you'll thank me later!!! Go on. I dare ya!!