Sunday, November 21, 2021

A visit with the McCade brothers one at at time...Evan McCade...Coming soon!

The long awaited story for the 4th McCade son is in the works!!! And I couldn't be more excited as I return to Cheyenne in 2022 to finish Evan's Ransom. You won't want to miss this one.

I was side tracked a bit with a few short stories as you all know and in taking that time, I didn't want to do anything to rush Evan's story. He deserves my undivided attention to create what happens to our youngest McCade Brother and I promise lots of unexpected surprises in this story as I wind up the four brothers.

Evan is a man driven by hard work though he is haunted by things in his past that drive him to drink...something that worries more than his mother Dodge. All the brothers have tried to keep the youngest McCade in check but as it turns out...they are all aware of a deep family secret that brings Evan to his knees.

As Evan comes face to face with his past, when he leaves Cheyenne and his family behind to search for the truth within himself...the truth he thinks he may find with liquor gambling and women. But as he spirals out of control...his past returns in the form of his first love...

Enter Charli, the long lost niece of Marcus Benton...and so opens a story of lost love renewed, redemption, ransom and ultimately Love. I already have about half of this story written in scenes

My hopes are that with Evan's story I bring the McCades of Cheyenne full circle and end the brothers on a note that will have readers sigh and want more...and ya know what. More to come with a story for:

Leaning Bear-Paint the Sky will follow Evan's Ransom

Dodge and Brett: Loving Brett 
Hudson Collier: Hudson's Hope
Zane Carver McCade: Zane's Law

And as other McCades arrive or join the clan they just might get a story one of these days so stay tuned. 

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