Thursday, February 15, 2018

Welcome to Cowboy Author Clint Clay!

A collection of short stories that are sure to satisfy the western reader.

This is another set of exciting western adventures where a lonely man finds hidden confederate gold, a sheriff has an encounter with the Bloody Benders and of a 1970 cattle rustler. You will never know where the trail will take you as it twists and turns in the exciting western stories.

This is another exciting western adventure by author Clint Clay. Revenge is just that pay back. The Bloom detective agency is hired to find thieves and has been very successful in their devours that take them into the cities and the vast western frontier. The agency had started out slow but when Detective Bloom discovered a solved a big case the business boomed and received numerous contracts. They needed to expand and a new detective was hired and trained. Several seasoned detectives work for the agency and found it to be more exciting and beneficial than working as a deputy or U.S. Marshal. These detectives bring in the suspects and solve the crimes, but their lives are in constant danger.

The Marshal series all in one complete collection.

Meet the Author

Clint Clay is a true gentleman of the west who believes in the cowboy code and riding true to the brand. It seems he was born on a horse, for he has had them all his life never remembering a time he was without them. The author enjoys team roping and trail riding across the American landscape. He visits locations across America to ride the beautiful trails that still exist in many parks and private ranches that occupy the United States.

He loves to team rope with his pards and owns some of the best horses in the country. He and his beautiful bride have a small ranch that is nestled down in the southeastern part of Kansas near the mighty Neosho River. They are native of this area and have raised a wonderful family.

 His writing career started with his composing poetry, for his wife Debbie. She adored his poems and encouraged him in his writing. Starting first as a poet he progressed to writing western short stories and novels. He has several best sellers. His nom de plume is Clint Clay with the first under that name being Bounty Hunter for Hire.

He has numerous books published in the western genre both poetry and fictional stories. He loves both and has always been an abet reader of westerns. His favorite writer Louis L’Amour has been influential to him. There are many other writers out there that he loves and he doesn’t always read westerns.

 Clint feels it’s the experience of really feeling the wind on one’s face, hearing the squeak of saddle leather, and really being in the elements that helps his creative writing. “You can’t make up how the fresh air and riding into the wind feels, the smell of the campfire, cattle or a horse.

Clint’s last releases have been Texas Lawman The Guns of Blood Pass, Bounty For The Renegade and a box set from Dusty Saddle Publishing A Town Without Pity and another box set From Outlaw’s Publishing Marshal both Dusty Saddle and Outlaws are leading Publishers in the western book Market.

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