Saturday, January 27, 2018

Author Round-up...Peggy Chambers (Wild Rose Press Author)  (Buy link!)

One a tiny island in a ramshackle beach house, Meg, an heiress, is hiding from her family's dubious past. Her true love, Evan, died thirty years ago in a storm at sea, she thought. Did her father really have her lover killed and if so does everyone on the island know about it but Meg? Alex must try to befriend Meg's son Jon if he is ever to win Meg over. And with his past problems with women, he wonders why he even tries. After all, he is just a starving artist and has little to offer her. Now that Alex has warmed her heart again, Meg realizes she has friends and a life outside her vegetable garden. But, who is blackmailing her?

All Evan wanted was to be with Meg. He would provide for her and the child, or children as the years went by. He was still unsure why she chose him - a fisherman - over anyone else in the world but she did. Her family didn't like him but, they were just going to have to get used to him.

He struggled pulling the nets in alone.  The pulley did most of the work but it still would have been nice to have some help. The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he sensed the presence behind him. He turned around.  The man stood almost close enough to touch.  The dark ski mask pulled over his face sent a shiver up Evan’s spine.  Where did he come from?  But most of all, why did he hide his face out here on the open ocean? And then he saw the giant meat hook in his hand.

“Who are you and how did you get on my boat?” Evan stepped toward the intruder despite the danger.  He never expected what came next.
“This is from Graham.” The man plunged the hook deep into Evan’s chest.  Blood spurted every direction as Evan’s eyes bulged and he gasped only once.  The man in the ski mask quickly pushed him over the side into the dark, churning water.
The body thrown overboard, the man with the meat hook went below to shut off the engine, then reached in and cut the fuel line.  Gasoline spewed across the floor.  He ran for the exit and quickly climbed back up the steps where the life raft was ready.  Just before he stepped in the raft, he threw one lone burning match into the hold.  When it met the fuel, it blew and burned brightly.  He knew the boat would burn and sink.  Any debris would be caught up in the current and head out to sea so nothing would ever be found; just another fisherman who got caught in a storm and never came home.  He hoped Graham would think it was worth a bonus that the boat wouldn’t be found either. He started the little engine and headed for home after rinsing the bloody hook in the dark briny water.

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